What is FRE?

Flame Retardants Europe (FRE) is an association representing all flame retardants technologies and applications at the European level. Our members are leading organisations that manufacture, market or use flame retardants in Europe. We seek to enhance fire safety and the understanding of flame retardant technologies through promoting expertise and exchange. We support all flame retardant technologies based on bromine, phosphorus, nitrogen and inorganic compounds. FRE addresses common regulatory and scientific challenges related to flame retardants and fire safety.

Our activities

We are actively engaged in debates around fire safety, chemicals, circular economy and product policy.
We are proactively promoting policies which deliver the sustainable use of flame retardants on the basis of solid scientific evidence.
We raise awareness about the role of flame retardants, fire safety standards, innovative recycling technologies and more.

Our members

Our partners


The Secretariat of Flame Retardants Europe is hosted by Interel

Is your company manufacturing, marketing or using flame retardants?
Do you have an interest in fire safety?

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