A whole range of factors, including socio-economic developments, technological innovation, new design requirements, and a growing emphasis on environmental concerns, have contributed to an ongoing evolution in the way our buildings are constructed.

A growing trend towards urbanization, coupled with the rise of affordable modern electrical equipment for the home, has led to a greater concentration of city dwellers, each with rising expectations of what their homes should provide, and which modern conveniences they should contain. In addition, more complex buildings have been constructed which require a higher level of insulation.

Thanks to constant innovations in insulation, wiring and structural elements, today’s new buildings are more energy efficient, more comfortable, safer and healthier than ever before. New materials have also opened up a much wider range of possibilities in the scope of design. In the past, buildings were mostly made of stone, brick, plaster and wood. Today’s plastic insulation materials, composites, metals and glass have brought far greater versatility to the conceptual and creative side of construction.

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