On 21 November, Flame Retardants Europe organised an event on Furniture Fire Safety in Brussels, in the context of the first European Fire Safety Week. Thanks to the panelists, we were able to listen to different perspectives about the different solutions currently available to make sure that our furniture is fire safe and their views on how regulators should address this fundamental issue. We also extremely valued the lively participation of all the attendees during the discussions, as it shows that fire safety, especially when it comes to furniture, remains a very important priority for citizens.

It is however needed that these views, data and perspectives do not remain limited to last week’s event and we sincerely hope that the seminar will further stimulate the conversation around this topic. On this note, you might have already seen that the Irish government launched a public consultation on the revision of the furniture fire safety regulations; if you did not and you wish to contribute to the conversation, you will find all the relevant information here.

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