On 5 December 2019, the European Commission published in the EU’s Official Journal the text of the Ecodesign LOT5. From 1 March 2021 the use of these flame retardants in enclosures and stands of electronic displays will be prohibited. In the directive, a ‘halogenated flame retardant’ is defined as “a flame retardant that contains any halogen”. The ban has been phrased as follows “The use of halogenated flame retardants is not allowed in the enclosure and stand of electronic displays”.

The flame retardants industry remains of the opinion that any ban on halogenated flame retardants in the enclosure and stand of electronic displays is unsubstantiated, unjustified, discriminatory and disproportionate. It is a manifest departure from accepted EU policy and regulatory instruments for the restriction of substances in articles or products.

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